Applying for student grants

The first port of call if you are applying for a student grant is to visit Student Finance England . You can apply online or by post and there are a variety of different finance options available with them.

Student Finance England offer guidelines for completing your application form for a student grant and offer you lots of information on the criteria you need to meet to be eligible for a student grant and how and when you will receive this.

Generally, student grants are reserved for students attending their first level four or five qualification and are offered on an income-based assessment.

After completing your application form for your student grant it may take a few months to hear any word back, however eventually Student Finance England will send you a letter outlining the amount of student grants you are entitled to which you will take to enrolment. Once enrolled on your course the amount will be paid into your account and you will not have to pay this back.

When you're waiting for a reply from Student Finance England regarding your student grants, there are a number of organisations you can apply to. Many charities across the country offer student grants and/or scholarships that you can apply for.

There are grants for everyone, from people living in certain areas, people studying certain courses, people with certain lifestyle requirements (i.e. single parents, etc.) and people with certain beliefs. A quick search online can help you discover the options of student grants that are available to you and applying for these can be an advantageous move to benefit your studies.

If, when on your course, you are suffering from financial hardship, then many Colleges and Universities offer student grants in the form of the Access to Learning Fund (ALF). These student grants are based on you having already enrolled on your course and if you are in financial hardship you can apply for the ALF student grant and if you are eligible you can be paid up to £1500 in most universities that does not have to be paid back.

So if you're concerned about financing your studies to enhance your working life it is important to research the student grants that are available to you. There are a number of different options available and if you are successful in application then you can enjoy education without taking up your free time with working. The student grant options available are excellent and applying for these options can be a great help to you and your studies, so don't hesitate – apply now!