What are my student banking options ?

If you find yourself struggling in your overdraft then occasionally some student banking banks will extend the overdraft early. It is important to remember that while student banking overdrafts are a safety net if you get into trouble, it is easy to reach the limit and some banks begin charging interest immediately after your studies have ended.

Alternatively, some banks offer you a graduate account, where you can still enjoy your interest-free overdraft facilities during your first 1-3 years of professional work.

Another hook for bringing you to their student banking accounts are the free gifts on offer. Many banks offer things handy to your studies, for example USB sticks, Railcards and loads of great discounts on things beneficial to both your studies and your student life, including HMV vouchers, an NUS Extra card, Amazon, Superdrug, McDonalds, etc.

These are appealing ways to help you save money whilst you are studying, but it is important to compare the different student banking options and what they are offering that will benefit you.

There are many student banking accounts that supply you with fantastic amenities including Internet banking, mobile banking, a student banking debit card and a student banking credit card. These are handy tools to have in your financial experience that can really enhance your student experience.

It may seem daunting, confusing and even stressful trying to work out which student banking account to go for, but doing the proper research before you commit is the best way to assess the market. Alternatively, talk to friends and families to see what they chose and see if the same may be suitable for you.

As the student population rises the student banking rises and many companies are now catering to all beliefs, with Islamic student banking accounts appearing, so you need not feel left out because of your religion. If you get into financial trouble, many banks offer you plenty of helpful suggestions to getting yourself financial sound for continuing your studies.

Banks change their offers and extras yearly, so it is recommended to review your contract annually so you understand your bank's terms and conditions. The student banking account really has been a fantastic idea and it can really aid your lifestyle while you are away. The most beneficial thing is to make sure you understand what is being offered and work out how it will most benefit you.